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Originally Posted by stereocraig View Post
The directors on my 91XG and 7698P have equally spaced directors.I will not be using these for the project though.

The parts antennas I would be using, have directors that gradually change spacing, similar to a fretted instrument.They are those Stellar Labs antennas that have the three separate booms that flare upward and downward and straight forward. I thought I'd remove the upper and lower boom and add those to the front of the main one, but the spacing would be inconsistent.
I was going to do this based on information here using this calculator. Before putting in that much effort, I simply removed one director from a couple front halves and joined two fronts to a complete Stellar Labs 30-2476. This worked well and I abandoned plans to drill.

I suggest you go with a little trial and error before designing from scratch.
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