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Default Director Spacing When Extending Boom

I'm pretty sure it was you Rabbit, that said you had extended the boom and added some directors on one of your antennas to squeeze out a bit more gain.

I figured I'd do that too, by combining parts from some unused antennas.

My question:
The directors on my 91XG and 7698P have equally spaced directors.I will not be using these for the project though.

The parts antennas I would be using, have directors that gradually change spacing, similar to a fretted instrument.They are those Stellar Labs antennas that have the three separate booms that flare upward and downward and straight forward. I thought I'd remove the upper and lower boom and add those to the front of the main one, but the spacing would be inconsistent.
If I needed to re space and drill new holes, I'd probably just pass, until I felt starting over w/ fresh material.

I hope this made sense.
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