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Default Computer issues...need suggestions asap

Hello, I'm found in the gamer forums and I posted there as well. I'm very desperate here. I'm not very good with computers, but this happened today...

So I come home today and my computer is blank like brand new out the box. All my files are gone. 10k+ music, 10 years of pictures, all software. The only thing left is a few files in the recycling bin. It's like when you delete something huge and it tells you it don't fit and only sends a few files there.

Did I get hacked?

I tried a system restore from 2 days ago and it says it was corrupt and can't help.

I'm on win 10 and it was fine this morning.

When I signed in, it said something about a temporary something and then the message disappears and it tells me to try cortina, get an antivirus program, hook up a printer, etc.

Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
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