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The only thing that really worked for us broadcasters was to use a bigger dish.

At the cable TV head ends we used 20 to 30 foot diameter dishes on "C" band feeds, and 10 to 25 foot dishes for any "Ku" band feed, but the "C" band has less of a problem with rain fade due to the lower frequency's involved.

If you have rain fade problems with a consumer dish then go with a 1 meter size dish, or as large an elliptical dish as you can get for that location if useing multiple satellites/LNB's.

But with consumer grade LNB's and standard tuners on the FTA receivers all you can do is change the dish out to a larger size and use a higher grade of low loss coax rated out to 3 GHz.

For about every 3 inches of dish diameter increase over what you have now you will maybe gain about 2 to 3 dB of signal improvement on the "kU" band signals.

But don't expect miracles on "kU" band in sever weather, if there is a ton of rain up in that cloud your going to get a fade-out, 12 GHz signals do not like a ton of water vapor in the way
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