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Originally Posted by lsilvest View Post
I used the HDHomerun for quite a while but can't use it now as with COX and WMC I can't get a guide since they changed the settings for providing guides and COX doesn't seem to care. I wonder if a Ceton would work with them. Do you have any knowledge of how the guide service is working in different areas. I heard they had problems here (in AZ) and in Oklahoma, Louisiana and possibly Texas with the guides.
The guide in WMC is retrieved from the internet on, I believe, Microsoft servers. If Cox doesn't provide the info, then the WMC can't get them. Switching to Ceton probably won't make any difference as it is a Cox to Microsoft issue.

Just out of curiosity, does the guide work for you? If so, then Cox is supplying them the info.

This may be helpful:

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