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OK, you would need a fast PC, one with lets say with a 64 bit OS an i5 or i7 CPU (or equivalent) and the maximum ram memory for that PC, then a good PCI express TV card can be used but it will only work for off air signals, or CATV signals if you have CATV stations in the clear.

Next would be an add on video card with an HDMI output to send the video to your TV set.

Note: You can not directly record from a CATV set top box, DVD or BlueRay player via HDMI to an external recorder, there are copy-guard signals that prevent this, you can record via RF, (TV or CATV signals on say TV channels 3 or 4) Video, (Yellow/Red/White RCA jacks) or component video. (Red/Green/Blue RCA jacks with optical audio or the Red/White audio jacks)

There are ways around this but I can't tell you how.

And they make video or RF splitters to run several sets at once, they even make componenet video and HDMI splitters but the copy-guard is in place for that type of connection.

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