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Default Setting up PC as DVR

Hi everyone, been a while since my last post and I'm sure this has been discussed numerous times but I can't find any threads specific to what I'm looking for so here goes. I seem to be part of a tiny percentage of people that doesn't have a DVR. I was wondering if I could set this up on a PC. In a little research I've done it said the PC needs WMC, and a PCI TV capture card or 2 if I want to record 2 shows at once, but it says to hookup from cable receiver to the capture card, so how would I do 2 at once? Would I need some sort of splitter between the cable box and the 2 capture cards? Also, let's say by some miracle I get the PC setup properly and recording the shows that I want. Can I then hook up the PC to my Receiver in order to watch it on my TV? Also, the potential PC that I would want to do this on doesn't have HDMI. Can I add HDMI to it somehow? Seems like a much cheaper route and no monthly fees once I get it all setup. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also, I have Charter cable if that matters. Thanks.
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