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Well, guys, we will never get a good, reasonable choice with any of the satellite or cable networks. I will preface by saying the only reason I use any of them is because I'm a college football fan. I didn't like Direct when I was with them and left when they didn't get the Pac-12. Also, Direct is not good to deal with and not really that friendly and very costly. I had Dish and the way they have their recording set up as well as a number of other factors with their design they just got so irritating I had to get rid of them. Cox is expensive and the biggest liars you will ever have to deal with. So, I'll just stick with my antenna (which I use even if I have cable or satellite. Today there are 7 good games on the national networks so I'm really not missing much except my favorite teams rarely make the big show. By the way, my comments are honest and not based on affordability as I can pay for any of them with no problem. Just have my method of making choices based on value and none of them earn it.
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