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Default lost all recordings

I've been using a Himedia HD500B-TH player and recording for many years ( I think it's a linux machine). I have almost 2TB of recordings and video files, mainly TV programmes. Yesterday, after watching a 3D movie file, I checked the contents of the HDD and found that almost all files were lost. What remains are some sub-folders and some files. I remember those remains are files that I cannot remove because of insufficient access right (didn't know why but they don't occupy much space so I just don't border to find out). Now all others are gone to nowhere except this few.

I moved the HDD to a Windows PC and use a file undelete software to try recover some of them, but only 1-2 system files were reported after a scan, none of the files I know of. Do you think there is still a chance I can recover the files? Please help.
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