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Antennas by Committee

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there is the science...then ther is this bs.

-vhf only, uhf only, combination
-jointennas,combiners, splitters, diplexors
-grounding, connectors
-compresion, crimp
-rg6, rg11, single shield, dual shield, direct burial
-atsc, ntsc
-4th generation, 5th generation, 6th generation chip
-lg, rca, samsung
-dvi, hdmi, component
-low power, high power
-horizontal, vertical, circular polarized
-hills, valleys,mountains,buildings
-multipath, ducting, interference
-one story 2 story
-directional, multidirection
-chimney mount, tripod, wall mount, tower
-bowtie, yagi, rabit ears, corner reflector
-preamp, distribution amp, attenuator
-dont want to spend the money
-cm4228, cm4221, db2, db4, db8, 91xg, pr4400, pr8800, cm4671, hd8200p
-cm7775, cm7777, ap8700, ap 8275,hdp269
-my cm4228 works, my radio shack works,your silver sensor is a piece of garbage
-on and on and on

When I first started it was:
-cm4221, cm4228, cm corner reflecter thing with 1 bow tie
-vhf antenna big, vhf antenna small
-cm uhf converter with 1 tube, cm uhf converter with 2 tubes
-300 ohm wire
-rca,zenith, admiral and white and color (if you were lucky)
-no remotes
-3 channels
-aluminum foil.
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