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Did you know . . .

"The more things change . . . the more they stay the same." In 1964, to avoid the GM edict that prevented large engines in midsized cars, the GTO was an option package for the LeMans. Beginning in 1965, the popularity of the GTO, made it a seperate model.

Due to the end of the Muscle Car Era, the last "real" GTO - the 1973 model once again resorted back to an option package for the LeMans Sport

Only 4096 GTOs were sold in 1973. Many attribute this to two factors; the bumpers looked "clunky" and the SD 455 was cancelled. So the only two engines for the 1973 GTO were the standard 400 and the optional 455.

To make matters worse Pontiac created a brand new model, the Grand Am that was a direct competitor to the GTO. The promble was, by 1973, the moniker "GTO" was a a red flag to the insurance companies. The Grand Am had the same engine options as the GTO, but no stigma about the name. And as you can see, the front bumper treatment was much better than the GTO.

Years later (1977) Pontiac would once again produce a "GTO like" car - the 1977 Can Am:

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