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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by turnerdaniel View Post
Plasma screens are much more rare and expensive than most LCD screens at this point, but if you can spend over $2,000 on an HDTV and don't mind being limited to just Samsung and LG, you can pick up one that offers some of the best picture quality available. But still i like plasma
I just got a samsung 60 inch plasma, going from a 52 inch LG LCD which had a great picture.
The difference is night and day between the two with the plasma heads above the LG. My LG is not top of the line as far as current specs but it was top of the line and cost me $1800 3 years ago.

Sadly I had to return the Samsung but only because I experience Judder more than most people and the samsung had serious judder issues (source judder) such as when the camera pans, the whole background is herky jerky and gave me a headache. I am one of the few who like the soap opera effect, not because i like the look but more because it smooths the scenes for me and makes it watchable.

Plasma handles motion blur fine but does nothing for certain types of judder, in fact its worse than my LG LCD. The LG has TruMotion settings which I like. I will be getting the LG Plasma that has the TruMotion settings to replace the samsung.

I had to go back to my LG LCD while I wait for the LG Plasma to arrive and after having the Samsung for little under a week, I can not see how I can ever go back to LCD again. I looked at the current model LED LCD's and in my opinion, they still do not hold a candle to Plasma. My brother bought one of Sony's top LED 65 inch tv's few weeks ago and even that is not as good as the samsung plasma.
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