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Yes! Please! Everyone put in if they had a signal loss, where they are located, and what weather conditions to the south-east and south-west and type of receiver!

Finishing up my route late and stocking my van, I had a tech last night have a customer call him saying they had a complete signal loss. He had the customer do a send status and read off signal strengths. The signal was amazing. It was happening on Two 211z's.

ViP/non-ViP Send status screen: Menu, 6, 3, Send Status
Hopper Send status screen: Menu, Settings, Network Setup, Tests

Once there, run connection tests to run the 'check signal'.

These signal strengths will be different depending on your location/state, what transponders and arc you are on, and if there is an issue (known or not) with a transponder or a STB not receiving/sending correctly.
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