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Originally Posted by ImRizzo View Post
Headphones ......? here we go again.
Yep - if that is what he wants , will help him out the best I can. Surround sound speakers are preferable but not always possible. Soundcards can put out a good signal but most good headphones have higher impedances than what a soundcard can comfortably drive. I prefer an outboard DAC + amp combo but if the soundcard is good then just an external amp will suffice.

To the OP what outputs does your current soundcard/mobo offer?
If you want true surround (not just a great simulation) and they are only being used for gaming and not music I would choose the Sennheiser PC363d headphones. My recomendation would be to try those with your current set-up and you may find you do not need anything else. My 2nd choice would be Turtle Beach Seven - awesome sound too but nowhere near as comfortable IMHO as the Sennheisers. Both however are usb soundcard headphones . I do not know of any 'true' 7.1 gaming headphones that are not USB soundcard based. USB IMHO can be to 'noisy' for high end stereo listening but I am unaware of any issues for gaming.

If you really want the 'best' 7.1 soundcard I would recommend this: Creative PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card

This may help :,2817,2395840,00.asp

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