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What is HD?

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Default ZxR, X-fi/variation of X-fi, Xonar, or other??

I have a system in which I am currently using the X-Power II mobo onboard sound. This means I'm open to picking the very best.

I have been trying to learn more about how to get good surround sound in a pair of decent quality stereo headphones.

Rather late in the game, I've learned only recently that sound cards actually facilitate simulating surround sound within stereo headphones, and are actually more capable because they provide greater functionality and much better quality sound than USB surround sound headsets like Razor 7.1 or Turtle Beach xp seven.

So, most importantly, my focus is primarily gaming.

However, I want the card that will facilitate the best surround sound experience in a variety of both old and new games, rpg, first person rpg, first person shooters, and what the heaven, even strategy games.

I want to know where a person/something is, how far away, how many bullets/arrows they've fired/how many swings they've taken, and the type of gun/weapon they're using just by their sound alone.

I am not as concerned about cost as I'm tired of these half-good variations that I get from these USB surround sound headsets.

My main concern here is to learn from someone who has tried some of these sound cards out in a variety of different games, and which one was the best for positional awareness, most important, and then quality of sound enough to be able to pick up the subtle variances between the sounds of different items, actions, and distances.

Thank you.

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