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Originally Posted by huy30 View Post
Just want to add to this thread and don't want to create a new one.

I want to setup karaoke system. Can I use floor standing tower home theater speakers ( I want to use Polk speakers again)? At what model can it be compare to karaoke speaker? Do I need center speaker and sub for karaoke system?

I am in the process of looking for home system and want to use the same speakers to get the loud sound for karaoke. I don't have room or want to add big black karaoke speakers into my setup.

Please advise. Thanks.
Ok, again the issue with ANY good home speakers is the increased bass vs karaoke speakers. With karaoke the speakers are intended for the human voice and do not need the extended range of home theater/stereo speakers. Equalization on the microphone is going to be the key, not any particular Polk speaker.
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