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Originally Posted by shnabz View Post
My bad, I misread your post, I do agree with everything you said, but I still feel like my question is being avoided. In your post, it seems as though you agreed with the fact that stereo headphones can indeed provide the spatial properties of SS. Although stereo speakers at the front cannot, which I also agree with, but my concerns really are geared toward headphones.
Glad we cleared up stereo vs. 2 channel.

My post was in reference to Dolby Headphone, which tries to duplicate the same sort of of multidimensional audio cues that one gets with surround sound speakers. In other words, headphone designers are looking for ways to improve upon traditional stereo processing. It would appear they think there's more to this than two ears means two channels is sufficient.

At the end of the day, you acknowledged that surround sound speakers provide a different experience than stereo speakers, which raises two questions.

1. How can that be if the fact that we have two ears means two channels is as good as it gets?

2. If more speakers makes for different sound, then how can the same stereo mix match the surround experience just because it's played through headphones? Sounds like magic to me.

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