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Originally Posted by jkkyler View Post
With surround sound IT IS ABOUT WHERE THE SOUNDS ARE ACTUALL COMING FROM as no stereo signal can re-create that. Even surround sound isn't 100% accurate but more accurate than stereo and greater than the localization specificity of our auditory system
Think of it this way, all the sounds that come from all the directions in SS eventually get down-mixed at the ears, it has to be this way, there is no other way for the sound to get inside of us for the brain to hear. For example, a sound is created behind the left ear, it has to travel through the skin so gets attenuated, and some frequencies will be lost, this is one way we know the sound is behind us. But if you were to place a microphone at the position of that ear, and record the same sound, so the mic would hear it as our ears do. This could then be played back through headphones and it would sound like the sound is coming from behind you.
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