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Originally Posted by Eddie501 View Post
But it's reliant upon the position of the things around you. For instance if a bird is chirping behind you to your left right, you hear a little more sound in your right ear, a little less in your left so your mind can position exactly where it's coming from.

Same with surround sound, if your watching a movie & the same bird is supposed to be chirping behind you, it will come from the right rear speaker. And that creates an entirely different effect than if it were coming from one of your front two speakers. Your mind still places the sound from where it's coming from.

Maybe you only have hearing in one ear or something & don't realize it? True surround sound is VERY obvious.
Oh I am very much aware of the joys of the illusion of 'positional sound' I enjoy listening to movies on my surround sound at home. I think you have misinterpreted my question though, when I said stereo, I didn't mean stereo from a TV speakers, I meant from headphones, sorry I didn't make the question clear enough.
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