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Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
Trying to force everyone to RENT THIER BOXS instead of owning thier own shows right there ALL THEY WANT IS $$$$$$!! (I thankfully still have my RCA 430 box)
Not sure what a RCA 430 box is, but the boxes that show up on eBay when searching for this box look like a piece of crap. From the looks of it, they can't give them away on eBay (less than $20 and NO ONE is bidding on them. Biggest negative I see is NO HDMI output.

I'm fairly certain almost all the video providers ONLY lease video boxes. According to my experience, Comcast, Dish and DTV only lease. The $5-$7 monthly are part of the cost of doing business with these providers and they do provide a path for future upgrades.

If you are stupid enough to buy a box on eBay, there's good chance it won't work when you try to hoop it up.

About the only way to reduce the cost of video is to sign up with another providers when your contract is up. Catch the new subscriber deals and then move on.

The short version is that there isn't any free lunch.
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