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direct is a joke and laughing stock of the satellite network, thats why they have to sell there company. to actually think that people are going to believe that they paid some of there customers to switch and how bad the competition was, come on. its sad to know that direct has to resort to these tactics. but thinking about it, all the non stop adds and bad mouthing they have done over the years explains it all. that is what a company does right when there about to go broke, advertise like crazy in hopes to get enough new customers to save themselves. just like in the construction industry, the last person you call is the one that advertises non stop, why, because if they have to advertise non stop then something is wrong, either they dont have any work or they have way to much money to burn. ive been with direct for a couple years now and im happy with them, but if they stopped there neg adds and gave those millions to there customers in savings, well that would solve there biggest problem, high monthly bills.
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