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High Definition is the definition of life.

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The insane quote is from I think Return of the Archons, Star Trek, 1966. I used it a couple of times but it got pasted over and over such that some people thought I was beating it to death. And then I was accused of using "chiche's" [sic] in the form of "predatory business practice" which the last time I checked is a legally defined term that includes bait and switch among other time honored capitalist tools for performing walletectomies on the middle class. My favorite attack was from the "if you're so smart why aren't you rich camp" which only proves that the reptilian brain can take over the gray matter in such a way as to materially enrich a predator in disproportion to his IQ. None of this really matters except that here and there amidst the sound and fury were tiny voices vindicating my original position. To you, I say thank you for affirming that DirecTV among others gets rich lying to people. I am not the first or last person they will chew up and spit out. But if I leave a bad taste however fleeting, I have succeeded. And if I earned epithets of contempt from the semi-literates among you, it was worth getting up this morning. --Tom H
PS: If it's OK to plug my blog, is where I do the serious venting. Have at it and leave rude comments there rather than muddy these waters.
If you scroll up to the top of the screen you will see that it says "High Def Forum" and you're posting that you don't like High Def. Why here? A High Def Forum should be the last place you would come to.

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