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Originally Posted by brentburrows1 View Post
So, I bought this WD-73727 Mitsubishi 73 inch DLP off of some guy on Craigslist that was moving out of state for $375. He wanted $700 for it, but when I showed up and plugged it in it did not work. The l.e.d. on the front of the TV indicated it had a bad bulb. I ended up talking him down to $375 since I had to buy a bulb, and we made the deal. He told me that he had owned it for two years, and had no problems with it other than having to replace the lamp once. He said he really liked the TV, but could not take it with him, so he had to sell it.

I got the TV home thinking I had just made a slammer deal. I was going to purchase a bulb, and was going to watch the Super bowl on a 73 inch TV!! I purchased a new bulb ($200) in town, and installed it. I powered the set up; bulb seems to be working great...... but minor problem, the whole TV flickers! It seems to only have blue and green colors coming and going on random parts of the screen while it appears the screen is split down the middle, while independently jumbling, glitching, and flickering. I can still see media on all inputs, the tv just acts like its getting a scrambled signal. If I dissconnect all inputs....the same thing.

I can bring up all of the menu options, and see them, but it is difficult to look at the screen because of it flickering so much, almost like a strobe light in certain places. I hooked up all inputs with the same results. everything played, but the screen flickers with the color all screwed up.

I found nothing in the owner's manual that would help, so got on the net and started researching. I downloaded the service manual. I went through all of the troubleshooting procedures in the service and owners manuals, and nothing. Another interesting fact, is if I leave the tv on long enough it will just shut down on its own. When attempting to get an error code from the tv when this happens, it just flashes #12, (nothing wrong). So, what's next?

After reading multiple posts in multiple forums, I have tried everything. I have re-seated the dvi cable going to the light (optical) engine with no good results. I have done manual hard resets on the TV. I have reset all possible options to factory default. I have made sure that all cooling fans were operating. At this point the problem is looking more and more like a light engine problem. Unfortunately, I cannot find anywhere on the net that has the part # 938P019010 in stock. I have no problem fixing this myself, but need access to the part. Do you know where I could get one? Do you think something else on the TV may be at fault? after the new bulb, I now have a $575 paperweight, and am starting to think I took a bad gamble trying to fix this thing. I have no problem putting some money into the set, but man....I'm getting closer and closer to the cost of a brand new 73" DLP.

Do you think I have a shot at getting Mitsubishi to repair it for free since they lengthened the warranty on the sets for defective light engines? The manufacture date on the TV was Oct. 2006. So I am hoping it was not purchased till early to mid 2007. However, since I purchased it second hand I do not have a receipt. Would this be a problem? I have written the guy I purchased it from to get the receipt, and he is trying to find it with no luck yet.

Please help.......any suggestions? Am I on the right track? Is this a lost cause? Will my dreams of having a 73" TV in my living room die? Please help.

I've seen this problem before, I've replaced the color wheel , it's about $100 , and it took care of it.
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