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I am completely befuddled with how all of the this internet streaming is going to be possible. Netflix started offering SuperHD a few months ago here and I started using it. I have been over 300GB/month each month since. I also have HBOGo now and since it uses less data and is even better programming than Netflix, I will use it more and my total data usage will go down. I use TiVo with OTA for the networks but if I did use the internet, a cloud DVR for OTA also, my usage would definitely go to around 500GB/month.

If Aereo negotiates rights to distribute programming over the internet and people start using it rather than an antenna, I agree the data usage would increase a lot. As things stand now, Aereo will be out of business next month unless it does find some way for a viable business by obtaining rights to distribute content. I don't think it is possible, the fees Aereo would have to pay and the subscription fee it would need to charge probably make the business DOA. At least Aereo will be able to sell the tiny antennas and recoup some small part of the investment.
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