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Hi tiger862: how do you get that much? and that should must be very expensive! i only pay 35bucks, i could go with more Gbps with Cable Xfinity Com Cast but that's too much money and i only watch live stream sports and i do not gain nothing or get a better video streaming by getting more then 3Gbps and paying more.
It is part of package. 29.99 a month. Don't know if I need that much but it does come in handy. 2 Blu-Ray, PC streaming, Laptop, daughter comes over and wireless phone for her and my grandchildren have games they play on wireless phones and components. I have never experienced a slow down with speed and wireless. Some say I have a wireless hub with the exception of I need to put in everyone's password that I allow to use. Before I set password up I can think of 4 neighbors that were using it. Can't prove it but after password they got there own internet. Had DSL awhile back and if correct it was 3 down don't remember up but slow down was a common occurrence. If I was streaming and daughter came over it would freeze. It couldn't handle people connecting to my network and not very good at streaming unless I blocked all other users until I got done. Glad those days are over. I know it was a speed problem cause I still us same router for wireless.

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