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Originally Posted by blmqzjc View Post
Yes, I read that. But you haven't really answered my question. Is that "stepped down" 2 channel output any different than what I had 15 years ago, as described in several posts above? It was 2 channel also (apparently Dolby Pro Logic), but the Bose was able to put out sound to all 5 speakers plus the subwoofer. As I mentioned, I got it working correctly on the old JVC TV - only when I introduced the Cisco cable box (which I really need) did the rear sound disappear. If the Cisco is permanently "sanitizing" the signal, I may be screwed. I'm hoping that is only true for the stereo audio outs on the Cisco itself.

But if it were to carry ALL the data out the HDMI to the LG HDTV instead, then out the optical audio out to this converter device at Amazon, and then down convert it to 2 channel stereo, what will the Bose do with it?

Hope this clarifies my problem a little - I appreciate your thoughts.
That is going to be your best bet for attaching the TV to your Bose. You will still wind up with Prologic level surround. Not as good a solution to buying a whole new 5.1 setup, but it will get you to where you were before. Getting a converter that will handle 5.1 digital is important as some of the converters won't handle the 5.1 input.
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