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A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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Well they do have those processors that add hall, theater and other echo or reverb that are rightly called faux. Prologic is not anything like that. Matrixed channels are discrete just not separate. If the encoders and decoders are really high quality then the result can be just about as good as discrete audio. That's why when he was hooked up to a monaural source the rear speakers disappeared. Prologic got a bad name because of cheap decoders that caused pops and other annoying sounds. I used to have a Lifestyle 12 and they had one of the better decoders that was available. Just the speakers are lacking, but some people love the Bose sound.
Do you think the converter/adapter device I mentioned above in post #8 will solve my problem? As I mentioned, I'm just trying to get things to work they did 15 years ago, even thought that may not be optimal.

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