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Bose-suks. Once you listen long enough, you will get what's known as "listener fatigue" because it's all middle frequency's and no others. There is a little phrase around-"no highs no lows that's Bose"
This brand is touted as being a good sound, when in all reality, it is all hype. Because it's costly people who have the money, think it has to be good, when in fact it's not.
Tivoli on the other hand is a class act. This brand is intelligently made, and the design is by a professional engineer, unlike Bose that is just consumer oriented to sell high volume.
It's your money-don't be fooled by the hype and advertising of Bose.
A side note: It was this Dr. Bose who opposed quad radio broadcasts in the 70's, even going as far as the as the govt. to stop it. I'm sure it was done to ensure his brand was successful.
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