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Default High quality Radio w/ bluetooth - BOSE?


I'm obviously brand new to the forum. Hello. I am looking for a high quality radio with bluetooth integration. I have looked at the BOSE Wave radio III and the Tivoli Model One - BT.

I was partial to BOSE because it is such a popular choice among consumers here and around the world, but after reading some of the anti-BOSE threads here and elsewhere, I thought I would look around and see what else is out there.

I know nothing, zilch, about what I should be looking for as far as specifications regarding good/bad sound quality. I will use the radio primarily for sports (local baseball and football) and classical radio. I will use the bluetooth for most of my tunes (streaming Pandora, etc.) Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated and links to information that would educate me on sound (layman's terms) would be nice as well.

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