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Default Subwoofer Output - Please Advise

Hello everyone, I decided to join this forum to expand my knowledge on electronics and audio. I hope to meet lots of people and learn a few things. I currently am working on a surround sound setup and I want to ask if I have my subwoofer connected correctly, the back of the subwoofer is different and new to me.

Yamaha Receiver - RX-V463
Klipsch Quintet iii 5pc speaker set
Klipsch 10" subwoofer

The subwoofer has two connections labeled HIGH LEVEL IN and two connections labeled HIGH LEVEL OUT. There are also two RCA jacks labeled LEFT/LFE and right. Right now, I have a white RCA plugged into the subwoofer out and the other end plugged into LEFT/LFE so white on white, its just a cable, right?. Its actually an audio cable for left and right/red and wide. I just needed something to use. Will this cable work ok? Also on back of the sub it has two switches 180 degrees and 0 degrees for phase and switch for Auto/On. How should these be selected?
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