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Originally Posted by Pycroft View Post
FYI on speaker wire. There are many people who feel that Roger Russel isn't the be all, end all of speaker wire. To be honest, I think it's naive to believe that there isn't a difference between wires that cost thosands of dollars and wires that cost 3 dollars. Same goes for can hook up a system with IC's that cost hundreds fo dollars, or the crappy ones that came with yoru VCR back in 1989. Both produce sound, but is it better? I'd say it is from what I've heard. Again, the question is, is it WORTH it? My answer is no, but many people feel it is...and not just rich people who throw their money around. If you're interested, PM me, and I'll forward you a link to another forum that had a big discussion on speaker wire and Roger was very interesting.

Roger is in fact one of the preeminent audio engineers in the world, and McIntosh Audio has been an outstanding company wit amazing products for at least the 40 years or so that I have been a customer. The folks who do not think Roger knows what he is talking about are morons. If you just use well manufactured wire in a gauge that is appropriate for the distance of your run, you will do fine. I have tested lamp cord, cheap 18g Phillips wire from Walmart and Monster on short runs of 15 feet or less and I cannot tell the difference, and I have excellent hearing. In electrical and audio engineering, quality is defined as fitness for intended use. Lamp cord is perfectly fit for this use, and by more expensive wire will not improve performance, any more than wiring your house with 8g conductor will make your appliances run better. You will have exceeded the point of diminishing returns.
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