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What is HD?

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Connecting Computer DVI to HDTV

Step 1: Take a look at the available connectivity connections given by both your HDTV and your computer.

Step 2:
Buy a HDMI cable long enough to cover the distance between the HDTV set and the desktop PC case.

Step 3:
Connect the cable to each devices.

Step 4: From the graphic's adapter software set up on your computer, select one of the available video mirroring options.

Step 5: Start your HDTV and change from the remote device the signal source until you obtain the one on which your computer is “emitting.”

Step 6:
Alter the computer's resolution in an effort to match that of the HDTV. This is most probably the hardest part of the entire process, since the resolution produced by the computer's graphics cards hardly ever matches the profiles supported by tv sets. If you are operating Windows Vista, then you really won't have any issues since the OS will immediately adjust the resolution in order to match that of your HDTV. If you are running XP, then you will have to tweak a bit your settings, but that is not a very complicated procedure.
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