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Originally Posted by tkurkowski View Post
Not wanting to get into a debate but what you say, may be true if you want a 3D TV. If you don't, plasma is more expensive (at least in the 55" size I shopped for) simply because there aren't many 2D plasmas, at least in the stores where I live. So getting one at a discount is difficult. I ended up with a 55" Vizio for under $900 (two years ago) and you couldn't touch that price for a 55" plasma. After calibration I'm very happy with the Vizio, especially since I can't easily darken the room.
55 is a tough size to find in plasma - I know a 50 high end panasonic in my local BB is $699 the same set in 55 however was $1399 - weird just an odd mishap as panny is leaving the business and scarcity is driving up prices recently with fewer and fewer 55+ in to be found.

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