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Originally Posted by jkkyler View Post
I think you have some misinformation:
If properly calibrated and an accurate greyscale, plasma whites will not be dirty or dingy. As mentioned 1080p plasma scales perfectly 1:1 and at the same resolution and screen size plasma tends to be much cheaper than LCD or LED/LCD unless perhaps you are comparing top of the line plasma to bottom barrel lcd.
Evidently you did not read my whole post. I don't spend money foolishly on TVs since I watch so much. Being perfect is not what I am after. What I am after is best value. I have a LCD in bedroom that has best picture for LCD and this is with many people coming over and no one noticed if colors were perfect and I paid less than 300.00 and has lasted over 7 years. I rented Panasonic Plasma cause every one stated was best before I purchased one and after calibrating the whites were still dirtier than LCD and liked it so much I returned it and bought Insignia Plasma for 340.00 vs Panasonic for 459.00 and Insignia was Samsung rebranded and whites were dirty unless I brightened it then blacks weren't as strong and it was a 720p. It last 22 months and BestBuy bought it back and I purchased the Toshiba LED 1080p with 4 year warranty for additional 10.00 and has best picture of all of them before calibration and with calibration looked dull. I have bright room TV sets in and run in energy mode and had cable guy disconnect cable after contract was up and he couldn't quit starring at Toshiba stating it has the best picture he has seen and he thought it was a Samsung or Sony. Oh and your theory about plasma is cheaper a Plasma 1080p is 650 and I won't go over 400 and still got 1080P with 120 hz. Anything bigger than 42" overpowers my living room and it is 14x14 and plasma 1080P doesn't come that small that I found. Oh before you throw stats out about size for living space I rented before buying so I could see what size and type I wanted before purchasing and that is how I determined what TV was right for me.
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