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High Definition is the definition of life.

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This is my view. No scientific numbers or anything else. Plasma has great blacks and dirty whites as well as CRT but with better color saturation. LCD is great for whites not so for blacks and is also better in well lit room. LED/LCD is great for whites with better blacks then LCD and better color saturation as well as energy usage is better. I also like the fact of LED/LCD is better for my HTPC since scaling is one to one. I had this setting on my plasma but it was 1024x768 so I had to adjust video and didn't look as good as my LED/LCD. So as you can see not one is better than the other since each has its weakness and strength and that is what makes us like one better than the other. Mine is LED/LCD since I have a HTPC and watch lots of Blu-Ray. I know I could have spent 3 times the money and got 1080P plasma but I have never been able to justify spending lots of money on a TV. My way of looking at is if I spend 1200 for a new TV and get 5 years it cost me 20 a month and if I spent 400 and get 5 years it cost me 6.50 a month. Before you think I don't watch TV I leave mine on 14+ hours a day 7 days a week. I don't even like Cable TV cause that cost is 80 a month and antenna OTA is free. I bought my antenna 7 years ago before the digital transition and I just put preamp on it all on sale. Antenna was 50.00 for old fashion style and preamp was 25 so that is getting cheaper every day. With what I have invested it is less than 1.00 a week and going down.

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