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Originally Posted by allenisu View Post
Hi Guys:

I'm moving to my new houses soon but I've encounter a problem setting up the speakers in the living room. The ceiling is too high to mount any speakers. I have the Bose Acousticmas 10 5.1 speakers and I was thinking about adding my Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series tower speakers to make it a 7.1 system. Is this an awful idea to start with??

If the idea is doable, since my living room configuration is hard to put a surround stand, is it possible to use front height speakers instead and keeping the rear? Can someone help me with this problem!! Thanks!
First, trash the bose, then get all polk speakers. You cannot mix as the bose are a different impedence, plus the sound will be awful. bose has no quality, and no true level of range. There is a little pun, "no highs no lows -thats bose"
Years ago, they made a fine product. Now relegated to production of crap, and a very good promotion that "tells" you that they are good quality, when actually they are not able to produce a full range. The company will not devulge any information as to frequency response and power handling as others will do. This has been the policy of this outfit and are sold to folks who are wealthy who belive the commercials, because they cost more than avg. and "equalivelent" audio products.
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