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Originally Posted by BIslander View Post
quad4.0 - It's a fact that you think you hear a difference. No one has ever questioned that fact. But, that's the only thing factual in your posts.
Right you are! And Emotiva uses the same exact componts as Onkyo, and Krell uses the same chip sets as Denon I suppose. as does every maker of audio equipment. If my statements regarding the makers is not factual, then I apologize. You know about as much about this stuff as I do. I admit to being a novice, who has been into hi-fi since 1968.
When you go in the service and sent overseas, after work there is not much to do,so we all got expensive stereo gear, dirt cheap from the PX. And we all would hang out checking it all out, learning about it and enjoying. My statements are based on over 40 yrs experience messing with this stuff. No two amps have the same sound, tonal quaility's or expression. And, please understand this, we had lots of free time. Receivers got swapped with speakers, and the same with tape machines. Probably most every amp and receiver made then was listened to. I base my conclusions on this, and that is a fact.
At least admission to the truth is given here. I appreciate that.
I do not know how the thing works, but I know the difference in power suppiles, THD, power ratings, and amp range.
But, to say that all avr's sound equal is incorrect, futhermore, no two makers use the same componts, - fact. Not all speakers are equal-fact - not all electronics are equal in materials or manufactering - fact. Not all avr's have the same features - fact. Now, tell me they all sound equal. Thanks for a stimulating discussion!
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