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Originally Posted by BIslander View Post
Over the years I have come to respect the opinions of a group of posters, especially at AVS. While others ascribe sonic signatures to particular brands of receivers, I have not seen such descriptions from the members of that group. Everyone has an opinion, but they don't all carry the same weight.
True . Many very technical discussions at AVS. I don't know that I can say that brand A is such and such while brand b is suich and such but in my limited experiences I can tell the diff between my 606 and 905 (both onkyo), a denon 4308ci (my brother in law owns with a B+W set-up and we have compared each others AVR hooked up to sam speakers) and an old Hughes and Kettner tube amp/ Outside of that I can't say for certain. I cannot tell a diff between my 606 and my buddy's Onkyo608 or his brothers Onkyo708. I have heard certain brands referred to as consistently cool or warm but can only speak from personal experiences.

I do believe that not all amps are created equal (which is an opinion shared by many including a lot at AVS as well as high end audiophile sites such as Head-Fi, Audiophile and Home Theater) and it has to do with the shortcoming in certain MEASURABLE areas. My opinion is that has to do with either compromises or deficiencies in the manufacturing process.

I too think at this point we have reached as common a ground as we can. Ultimately Isuggest somebody listen to their set-up prior to purchase and buy what sounds good to them.
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