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As a final statement to this conversation, It seems that Jykler has both agreed and disagreed with my conclusions. I know what I hear. Before I tore the Integra down and gave it to my son, we did a little test. I put a dvd audio in and listened to some of it through both avr's. I never said anything about interconnects or speaker wires. The two avr's have a very distinct different sound. Perhaps the terms I used intitally were not understood. I never said I was eloquent. I only have a 2 yr. degree. Rizz employed better terms than I did. All in all, the point was made. It's not opinon, it's fact. Because I am unable to explain in technical terms, is no reason to say I'm wrong.
May I give an example: I know a dude who bought the top of the line Denon. To my surprise he took it back after 2 days and bought the number 2 Integra, it was a new model. ( just 3 months ago). Upon questioning his choice, he stated quite clearly, the Integra had more punch. To each his own. again, on ebay, the Denons command more money and are more sought after than any other brand. There must be a reason for that. Not being egregious in any way. What it all boils down to is: what sounds good to your ears is the choice you make. Not everyone hears and sees the same thing. This issue was rasied long ago by painters and artists. And, it is very true.
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