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Originally Posted by BIslander View Post
I get that you guys hear what you hear and that your conclusions make intuitive sense to you. The same can be said of all those people who truly believe that speaker wires make a difference. But, that kind of reasoning doesn't make your conclusions anything more than personal opinion.

At the end of the day, a buyer needs to make sure his receiver has the power needed to drive his speakers in his room. Beyond that, room correction, connectivity, and features are distinguishing factors to consider when making a purchase. And, hey, if you believe a Marantz is more musical than an Onkyo, then get the Marantz. But, if you are going to recommend receivers as warmer or brighter, you really should have some substantive basis for such recommendations.
The "proof" you seek is as clear, as long as you are willing to accept it as fact.
Put two avr's on ebay, a Denon and an equal Onkyo and the Denon will draw more money, quicker. Why is it?
With all that is offered by Onkyo, people still are drawn to the Dennon, Why? are vintage amps, and receivers drawing as much, or more than they were new?
Simple, It sounds good, It's all about personal prefrences in sound. I am very fussy, and have mainly high res audio in my collection. And having experience in this since the early 70's, when I was over seas in the Army and Stereo equipment was very inexpensive. I've been at it as a hobby since 1969 when I bought my 1st Marantz.
I'm speaking from what I've learned over those years. It all boils down to what you like and think is correct. Opinions are like asses - we all have one. but very often, it's best to keep it covered up.
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