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After reading all this back and forth, it must be I'm nuts, and it's my ears that are out of whack. Different manufacter's use different componts, Chip sets, power supplies, and all the way down to solder, makes a difference. Yamaha, Onkyo. marantz, Denon, Sansui, and into hgh end. How, can they all have the same sound, tonal qaulity's, and perfomance? With out getting technical, that is beyond my realm of knowledge, I trust my ears. I was a contractor and not an electronics guru. I know very little, enough to get me by. So, if all have the same sound characteristics, why then are they prived so differently? And, why do experts agree with my statements? Why, do high end amps sell for much more than say a Denon? It's not the bells and whistles, It's the qulity of audio reproduction that counts. Put two avr's on ebay, a Denon and an equal Onkyo and the Denon will draw more money, quicker. Why is it?
I belive what I see and hear. I have done my homework and all the R&D. again, I've had maratnz since the 70's. Then on to Onkyo for many years. The Denon rivals Marantz in sound. IT's that simple.
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