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I just wanted to make a quick post to show how I have the HDB8X configured for multi-directional reception. At my location, I really need the extra gain of an 8-Bay vs. a 4-Bay but when the signals arenít faded this configuration seems to work very well Ėwithout a rotor. When they are even my CM-4228 & 91XG tend to drop in & out.

As you can see from my TV Fool report, RF channel 26 @ -15.6 dBm (and an FM station on 99.9 @ -13.4) would severely overload my pre-amps., but all the rest of my San Diego (~168 deg.) and LA (~292 deg.) stations are 1 & 2 edge @ -85 dBm and below. Thatís why I added the NF-471 notch filter that rejects off-air UHF TV channels 24 to 29 and the Antennas Direct FM Band reject filter to the AP-2870 LA panel amp.

A couple of things to note are that:

1. I am powering both amps. through the two panel signal combiner that came with the HDB8X.
2. The NF-471 completely removes RF channel 26 @ -15.6 dBm with the LA panel pointed right at that station and the amplified & unfiltered San Diego panel thatís rotated ~123 deg. is also completely rejecting KVCR. I wasnít expecting this. This panel does bring in RF channel 30 (KPBS @ -96.3 dBm) from San Diego with an SNR in the mid 20ís.
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