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Default Solid Signal HDB8X

Solid Signal,

I know that profiting from product sales makes your input problematic but if it doesnít violate forum rules I would appreciate your inputs and I think they could be beneficial for all. I, admittedly, am not equipped to do rigorous or even ďscientifically validĒ performance testing.

For example, when I tried to use the HDB8X to receive San Diego on the fixed panel and Los Angeles on the movable panel (~123 deg. separation), I lost almost all stations. A BS/MS EE on another forum suggested isolating each panel from the other through RF amplifiers and explained the logic behind that approach. I didnít have two identical amplifiers, so since San Diego stations are typically stronger I connected a Winegard HDP-269 to that panel and an AP-2870 to the LA panel. His suggestion worked really well. Itís a pleasure not to have to run to my rotor control box and wait while the antenna turns. If you have the technical expertise on staff this type of input would be invaluable to forum members.

In the process, I discovered that the HDB8X combiner passes power through each port, so I was able to mount both amps between their respective BALUNís and the combiner and use a single coax for power & signal. Again, sharing this kind of knowledge would be valuable for the community.

From my experience, your HDB8X antenna is a well-engineered design at a very competitive price point. Thank you.
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