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What is HD?

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Default Upgrading from a 42" Vizio

Hello Everybody!

I just recently had my 3 year old 42inch Vizio (SV421XVT) die on me, well at least the HDMI board did (power surge, I stupidly forgot to put it on its own surge protector after shifting all my other equipment back into a closet).

Right now Sam's Club is carrying another Vizio, E470i-A0, a 47 inch 120hz LED lit LCD panel, which I was thinking might be a good replacement, but I still need to get out to see it (perhaps bring my Surface and run an actual HDMI signal to it at the store... rather than those co-ax ribbon cables they always have). Does anyone have any experience with this TV? Several reviews claimed that you could'nt turn the Smooth Motion feature on or off (for the effective 120hz), but reading the manual clearly states the options to adjust the Smooth Motion.

Does anyone have any other suggestions, especially for about a $600 price range?

Your help is definitely appreciated!
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