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So, Pete....would you consider the HDB8X a 'best buy' for the price? It has a rather reasonable price compared to many of the other antennas of its type.

I haven't looked to buy an antenna in a few years and it sure seems like the price of them is tied to the price of gasoline! I bought a Channel Master 4221HD 4-bay 6 or 7 years ago and I remember paying less than $30 with shipping for it from Amazon. Now that same antenna is $60. Yikes.

I have yet to purchase anything from Solid Signal but they are on my 'A-list' when the time comes to buy an new antenna. They are actually in my home state....but almost 3 hours away by car. My only complaint with them so far is I wish they would remove all the 'discontinued' items from their website to make searching/browsing a bit less cluttered.
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