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Default Need a stronger arm!

OK, I got the HDB8X together last night & couldnít resist trying it.

By holding it up @ ~4í AGL in my downstairs dining room, hooked to my computerís Hauppauge HVR-1800 tuner I am able to watch two UHF channels from San Diego, channel 19 (69.1 KSWB) and channel 40 (39.1 NBC). These channels are both 88 miles @ ~166 deg. which means the signal is coming through the whole house. Pointed it towards LA (51 miles away) and got channel 36 (4.1 KNBC) with a SNR of 22.1, channel 31 (5.1 KTLA CW) with a SNR of 15.6 and the few others that I tried until my arm got tired. Maybe tonightís just a fluke, but truthfully from down here, I didnít expect to get anything other than channel 26 (24.1 KVCR) the PBS station 3.5 miles away.
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