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Post Colored Lasers for New-Generation HDTV

Mitsubishi Harnesses Colored Lasers to Produce Lightweight HDTV. At the heart of the first generation of this new television is an existing rear-projection technology called DLP. In the past, this technology, developed by Texas Instruments, used white-light mercury lamps as the television's light source. With laser television, separate red, green and blue lasers are used in conjunction with an HDTV chip.

In most displays, the lamps are required to be on at full power whenever the sets that use them are on. But Mitsubishi's new lasers, which are based in semiconductors, turn on and off when needed. For example, when black is required in an image still a challenge for some plasma-based television the laser switches off.

These solid-state lasers, will greatly outlast lamps. As a light source, he said, they are practically "permanent," meaning that the lasers should last for the set's lifetime.

For the full low-down:
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