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Kudos, Robert to an outstanding achievement in the annuls of HD-TV. As always, your event has garnered the attention of industry leaders and leading periodicals across the field of High Definition advocates, and Videophiles, all over. An honor well deserved by the Zohn Family. I appreciate the honor of being invited, and included to participate for the past 3 years, and hopefully for many more to come.

As these displays continue to progress, you Sir, and your family, have already achieved the Pinnacle and respect of the Industry and viewing participants all over. The event is presented with the highest degree of integrity and free of bias and outside influences.


Thanks to all those necessary to this presentation especially, David Mackenzie of, Kevin Miller of ISF and tweak my and DeWayne ~D'nice~Davis of A/V Fidelity, the industries leading Calibrators for their hours of dedication and efforts necessary to bring these displays to their maximum capabilities.

Your Friend da Rizz' (Mike)
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