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Originally Posted by dsskid View Post
Thank you Robert for one again, going through the time, effort, and expense to put on this years annual flat panel shootout. It was first class, as usual, and I thank you for extending me the invitation to attend.

You and your family are very gracious hosts.
Originally Posted by ImRizzo View Post
As always, a first class event and very informative, thx to all involved.
Especially the Father of Plasma Dr Larry Weber

Thank you John and Mike for all you do! Wendy and I love the wine you both gave us and your friend's wine was very well selected!

Mike your photography and comments are very well appreciated and John you win the award for your very excellent comments and questions. The audience help make the event a success and we all know and appreciate that.

I just put a few photos on one of my sites, some are the courtesy of Rizz.

Tomorrow we'll crown the new "King of HDTV"

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