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I don't believe their dB claims either, but for $60.04 delivered, I ordered one to try. Depending on how well engineered their matching harness is, I expect it to be in the ball park with any other 8-Bay.

I have a 40 year old Channel Master CM-4228 8-Bay Bow Tie up right now on a push-up mast and a 9 month old 91XG up on a 40' tower. Solid Signal expects to ship around the 1st of June (2013?) so when I get it I'll swap out the 4228 & (unscientifically) compare performance.

I can’t tell much difference between the 4228 & the 91XG with two notable exceptions; the 91XG reliably receives channel 43 (2.1 CBS) but has a hard time with channel 36 (4.1 NBC) and the 4228 reliably receives channel 36 (4.1 NBC) but has a hard time with channel 43 (2.1 CBS). The SNR for the rest of my UHF stations is usually within 1-2 dB with slightly over half favoring the 91XG.
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